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Athlete Recovery Pillowcase - King

$130.00 CDN
Athlete Recovery Pillowcase - King, Elemental,
Athlete Recovery Pillowcase - King, Elemental,
Athlete Recovery Pillowcase - King, Elemental,
    Color: Elemental (094)
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    Athlete Recovery Pillowcase - King, Elemental
    WHAT IS ATHLETE RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY? Tom Brady has built his career on excellence. A critical piece to sustaining his peak performance has been recovery, with a particular focus on sleep. With that in mind, we created an advanced sleep system that helps your body recover while you rest. The key is the soft bioceramic print on the fabric. It harnesses the power of Far Infrared—a type of energy that has several benefits for the human body. That print actually absorbs the body's natural heat and reflects that energy back into the skin. This helps your body recover faster and promotes better sleep. That means you’re getting what you need to get better, even when you’re resting.

    Product DNA

    • Inspired by Tom Brady’s training routine, we've created an advanced sleep system for better rest & recovery
    • The print technology reflects Far Infrared, which helps your body recover faster & promotes better sleep
    • Extremely breathable micro-mesh fabric infused with insanely soft modal for superior comfort 
    • 2-way stretch construction provides just the right amount of flexibility, for perfect comfort
    • Concealed zipper closure for a snug fit
    • Not intended for use as a medical device
    • Set of 2 pillowcases
    • Dimensions: 20" x 40"
    • WE DON’T COUNT THREADS: Instead, we took the premium fabrics used to make high thread count sheets & engineered in mesh for greater breathability, so you get way more ventilation with a uniquely constructed high-quality material that can’t be compared to standardized thread counts
    • Cotton/Modal/SUSTANS®
    • Imported
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