Men’s Basketball Tops

7 Results
7 Results
  •  Men's UA Buzzer Beater Tank   $34.99
    UA Buzzer Beater
    Men’s Basketball Tank

    $34.99 CDN

  •  Men’s SC30 All Star Game T-Shirt   $39.99
    SC30 All Star Game
    Men’s Basketball Short Sleeve Shirt

    $39.99 CDN

  •  Men's SC30 Iconic Warrior T-Shirt   $39.99
    SC30 Iconic Warrior
    Men’s Basketball Graphic T-Shirt

    $39.99 CDN

  •  Men's UA Select Shooting Shirt   $74.99
    UA Select Shooting Shirt
    Men’s Basketball Long Sleeve

    $74.99 CDN

  •  Men's SC30 Moniker T-Shirt   $39.99
    SC30 Moniker
    Men’s Basketball Graphic T-Shirt

    $39.99 CDN

  • New Arrival  Men’s UA Toronto Never Backs Down Hoodie   $64.99
    UA T.Dot Never Backs Down
    Men’s Basketball Hoodie

    $64.99 CDN

  •  Men's UA Pursuit Funnel Neck   $84.99
    UA Pursuit Funnel Neck
    Men’s Long Sleeve

    $84.99 CDN

With innovations in footwear, apparel, and equipment, our job is to provide every tool you need to improve your game. Explore men’s basketball shoes as well as women’sboys’ & girls’ basketball shoes to find the right pair for every player. Light, loose & built to move – our basketball shorts are built to run every court.  Even our accessories deliver game-changing benefits, like our moisture-wicking basketball socks that keep your feet dry & light from tip-off to the final buzzer.