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Under Armour Ridge Reaper. Never Detected. Always Lethal.
Ridge Reaper TV is back and better than ever. Follow Jason Carter and the Under Armour team as they hunt the biggest game in North America’s harshest and most extreme conditions.
Our exclusive camo pattern—designed by Under Armour—uses coincidental disruption technology & an innovative "no background" color algorithm to block your prey's ability to see complete forms. You'll be practically invisible.


Jason Carter
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Jason was born a hunter, and for the past 17 years he’s been a western big game consultant; widely considered one of the best in the industry. That passion goes far beyond a job. He’s been captured on film taking down some of the largest, world-class animals out there. Jason and his crew are always up for any challenge, especially when it gets him out in the wide-open, untamed expanse of western North America.
Kip Fulks
Kip grew up hunting. It’s where his heart is—always has been. He joined Under Armour 16 years ago as the 2nd official employee, but that passion for the outdoors never faded. So when the opportunity came to create UA’s Outdoor team, he practically built it himself. That’s why along with everything else he does today as Chief Operating Officer—overseeing the design and development of every groundbreaking new product UA puts out—he continues to lead UA’s rapidly-growing Outdoor team.
Bryan has made a career out of his passion for the outdoors. As the Director of Outdoor Marketing, his job is to build UA’s Hunt, Fish, Tactical, and Action Sports divisions into the best on the planet. Period. Still, his proudest accomplishments come from helping our military heroes through his work with Wounded Warrior Project™ and the UA Freedom initiative.
Koby was raised in the mountains of Colorado and was a Helicopter Crew Chief in the United States Marine Corps before joining Under Armour in 2001. He brings that perspective as a skilled outdoor sportsman and Marine to his role as the Outdoor Marketing Manager. He’s out there, not just telling the story of UA Hunt, Fish, and Tactical, but living it.