"The opportunity to highlight JSU and HBCU sports excites me because it will bring about incredible opportunities not just for me, but for people who look like me and maybe never felt seen in the college sports arena."

– Ken Evans Jr., Jackson State University Basketball

UA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives

District Running Collective

"We're mountain scalers, sidewalk stompers, international racers, hometown heroes, members of Club 26.2. But we're also HBCU grads, parents, DJs, newlyweds, and new leaders who've all found a home here."

– Matt Green, DRC Co-Founder

Our Black History Month collection is concepted, designed, and created by Black teammates to uplift their voices and their vision.

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Under Armour Black History Month Collection

"Under Armour’s Black History Month collection is all Black Creative led. It consists of shirts and other clothing that are authentic representations of them. And they feel signature, a story being told from an inside perspective.”  – DerRick Turner, Creative Design Lead

Our collection of Black History Month shirts, shoes, and clothing also lifts up our HBCU Career Combine program. The program supports HBCU student athletes on the field, in the classroom, and on the job with leadership development, career preparation, networking, and scholarship opportunities.