You Run. You Are A Runner. And, that means...You Fight. Under Armour believes this fight doesn’t change from minutes to marathons, concrete or mountain.  Find your dawn or darkness, to embrace the struggle and come back better. This is who we are. We Run. We Are Runners. Alone. Together. We Fight.

Each week you pound the pavement & log kilometers, you’ll be running with the biggest digital run crew on the planet. With training plans and motivation, you’ll fight through anything and become the exact runner you want to be.

Each week you log a run, you also get a chance to win exclusive UA run gear, bragging rights, and a shot at being named to the UA Run crew. We will also announce local training runs in key cities throughout the year.

1000KM in 2016 isn’t just a number, it’s motivation to help you Run with Fight all year long. And, isn’t that the point?
United in the Fight, UA has an elite roster of runners that will motivate and inspire you all year long.
Resident Runners
Resident Runners
Resident Runners is a NYC based crew of runners. They run the streets, parks, bridges, and businesses while laughing, sweating, and brainstorming. The 3 main captains are Eric, Rashaan, and Raymond who are all very influential in the NYC run and lifestyle space. Their motto is “strength in numbers” meaning only though they 3 main people, they are very strong as a crew. Raymond is part of a footwear boutique called West NYC.

Overall, this crew rolls with the best of the best in NYC and are very influential. Tribes of runners in the endurance racing scene who vehemently eschew the label of a running "club" for a more ethos-driven existence that's bonded by sweat and high on endorphins.This crew demonstrates just that.
DW Running
DW Running
Dan Walters is a personal distance running coach in the heart of Chicago and works with the the most competitive runners in the city. DW helps improve runners fitness through steady, manageable workload. To keep runners strong and injury free using functional strength exercises which are directly applicable to running. To help runners become faster by becoming better athletes. DW Running promises creates workout challenges them and also fit into their real world schedule. Currently has over 30 athletes competing within the nation.
Harlem Run
Harlem Run
In 2013, Alison Désir, a native New Yorker from Harlem, with a BA and MA from Columbia University, decided to start a running group as an outlet for people in the neighborhood to get fit and healthy. Alison had no idea that the running group would grow from 2 to 3 people in 2013 to 100 strong and counting in 2015. Today, Harlem Run meets on Monday and Thursday nights and has established itself in the running community as a must-attend group. Beyond the Monday and Thursday night workouts, Harlem Run also executed the first-ever Harlem1Miler, a one-mile race in the community for all levels that benefited local non-profit, Harlem United. Through events like these, Harlem Run has been able to reach people of all abilities and experiences with the sport.

Harlem Run has become more than just a run club and is described by many participants as a lifestyle. The energy, positivity, encouragement, authenticity, commitment, stories, and people are what make Mondays and Thursdays so electrifying in Harlem; these feelings and experiences are changing people lives for the better.
Team Run Flagstaff
Team Run Flagstaff
Team Run Flagstaff opens the running experience to people of all ability levels and interests. Through organized training, expert coaching, and educational workshops, the group cultivates an atmosphere that allows elite runners and beginners to share the same track, pursuing individual goals with a sense of camaraderie. Social events and volunteer opportunities build an even stronger sense of community.

Team Run Flagstaff began in 2006 as a community running program affiliated with the Center For High Altitude Training, which was an Olympic Training Site. Under the direction of legendary Coach Jack Daniels, it was then called Team Altius, based on the Olympic motto, “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” which translates to “Swifter, Higher, Stronger.” After the Center for High Altitude Training Center closed in 2009, member interest, love for the program, and the efforts of a core crew including founding Coach Mike Smith kept it alive. In 2010, the community running group found new life as Team Run Flagstaff.

Members share their love of fitness, health, and sport with group runs, cross training, track workouts, social events, races, and educational offerings that cover everything from trail safety to nutrition. 
  • Q: When does this challenge begin?

    “You vs the Year” begins on Friday, January 1st at 12:00am and ends December 31st at 11:59pm – All times are presented at CST – Central Standard Time – UTC/GMT –6 hours.

  • Q: How do i join the challenge?

    1st download MapMyRun (US). The challenge will be available on the web at:

  • Q: Is there a fee?

    No “You vs. the Year” is a free challenge; although you can upgrade to MapMyRun MVP platform.  MVP is $29.99/year or $5.99/month

  • Q: What if I am a regular mapMyRun user and i join after january 1st?

    Your runs/miles will be added to the challenge retroactively. 

  • Q: Can I run this challenge with a team?

    No. The “You vs. the Year” challenge is an individual challenge but the MapMyRun community will be here to support and run with you.

  • Q: can i see how i am tracking against other participants in the challenge?

    Leaderboard will be continuously updated & viewable at any time on web or mobile at

  • Q: How many marathons will i have to run throughout the year?

    By the end of 2016, you will have run an equivalent of 23 marathons.