Youth Catcher's Gear Kit (Ages 7-9)

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  • Pro Headgear: I-Bar Vision™ increases vision and cage strength
  • Pro Headgear: Injection-molded ABS shell delivers lightweight, sturdy performance—a must for any catcher's protective gear
  • Pro Headgear: Sleek design maximizes protection and ball deflection
  • Pro Headgear: Hat Size: 6 1/4–7
  • Pro Chest Protector: Signature MPZ® construction and low-rebound foam deaden impact for easy-to-recover blocked balls
  • Pro Chest Protector: Tough plastic inserts at throat, shoulders, and abs maximize protection
  • Pro Chest Protector: HeatGear® technology keeps catchers cool, dry, and light all season long
  • Chest Protector Length: 13.5"
  • Pro Leg Guards: Triple-knee construction bolsters mobility and protection
  • Pro Leg Guards: Built with extra-thick plastic in areas that take the most abuse
  • Pro Leg Guards: Breathable mesh backing and 38 ventilation ports are essential in the heat
  • Leg Guards Length: 11.5"
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