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Kids' UA Gameday Armour Football Pants
Original price: $45.00, Sale price: $33.97
Kids' UA Gameday Armour Pro 6-Pad Top
Price: $75.00
Youth UA F8 Football Gloves
Price: $30.00
Youth UA F8 Football Gloves
Price: $35.00

These Are Football Essentials

Under Armour was born on the football field. So our boys’ football gloves and gear are built with some of our original performance innovations to give you an edge. Our kids’ football gear includes mouthguards, pads, visors, chinstraps, bags, and more. All our boys’ football gear and equipment is lightweight, but super strong. And our boys’ football gloves? Some of the stickiest you’ll ever pull on. This is go-to boys’ football gear.

Boys' UA Pee Wee F8 Football Gloves
Price: $30.00
Kids' UA Football Visor
Price: $40.00
Kids' UA Gameday Armour Backplate
Price: $45.00
Boys’ Football Gear

Get ready to hit the field in our boys’ football gear. Take on the next play with football accessories that boost you toward the next touchdown. Look for football gear made from sweat-wicking materials to help keep you dry so you can focus on making the pass, scoring the conversion, or sacking the QB.

With dozens of unpredictable plays in each grueling game, you need to take everything you’ve got to the football field. Our boys' football gloves, girdles, and sleeveless tops help keep you moving when others slow down. Whether you’re making a touchdown or preparing for a tackle, every bit of the built-in cushioning has your back.

With our boys’ football equipment, you won’t let your team down when it’s time to step onto the field. Every single piece is built for comfort and agility, helping you weave effortlessly through a defense line, stay dry, and hit the top of your game. Polish your throw, hone your guard, and upgrade your game with our boys’ football gear, including boys’ football gloves, shirts, and shorts.