Pickleball & Tennis Womens

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UA Loudon Waist Bag Crossbody Clear
Price: $35.00
Women's UA RUSH™ Seamless Tank
Original price: $60.00, Sale price: $45.97
Women's UA SportSkort Pleated
Price: $80.00
Women's UA Blitzing Scrunchie 3-Pack
Price: $28.00
UA Loudon Crossbody Small Printed
Price: $40.00
Women's UA Flow Dynamic Training Shoes
Price: $130.00
Women's UA SportDress
Price: $90.00
Unisex UA Loudon Crossbody Small
Price: $35.00
Women's UA Blitzing Wrapback Cap
Price: $32.00
Women's UA Playoff Sleeveless Polo
Original price: $55.00, Sale price: $41.97
Women's UA SportSkort
Price: $70.00
Women's UA Blitzing Scrunchie
Price: $10.00
Women's UA Essential Crew 3-Pack Socks
Price: $18.00
Adult UA Armour Tie Headband
Price: $10.00
UA Loudon Waist Bag Crossbody Printed
Price: $40.00
Unisex UA Utility Flex Sling
Price: $45.00

Better On The Court

The growth of the game of pickleball, paired with its similarity to tennis, has created a huge community of people looking for similar gear. That’s where we come in.

Under Armour women’s tennis clothing and women’s pickleball clothing is made to make you better on the court. Feel control in our shoes, while repping tops built to fend off sweat, headbands to keep your hair out of the way, and more.

Women's UA Flow Dynamic Printed Training Shoes
Price: $130.00
Unisex UA Striped Performance Terry 2-Pack Wristbands
New Colors
Price: $5.97 - $8.00
Women's UA Branded Logo Crop Short Sleeve
Original price: $35.00, Sale price: $26.97
Women's UA Flex Woven 5" Shorts
Price: $30.97 - $40.00
UA Flex Speedpocket Run Belt
Price: $30.00
Women's Armour Tank
Original price: $35.00, Sale price: $26.97
Women's UA Crossback Low Sports Bra
Best Seller
Price: $22.97 - $30.00
What You Need On The Court

Under Armour women’s pickleball and tennis clothing is just what you need for the court—flexible and lightweight. Find shirts that keep you dry by fighting off sweat, and shorts and skorts that are both light and stretchy enough for on and off-the-court wear. Keep cool in the sun with our UA SmartForm Flex Woven Shorts that help protect your skin from the sun’s rays with UPF 40 built in.

You want to be able to do it all on the court. Why would you let a shoe stop you from that? Gear-up in our women’s pickleball shoes made to keep your feet planted on the ground on sudden and explosive movements, while giving you the cushion of a running shoe. The last thing you need is a pair of shoes to trip yourself up on game point.

Our tank tops allow you to feel free in every direction you move your body, while some also offer our UA RUSH™, which is built to reflect the energy you put out and help you work harder.

We’ve got the tennis and pickleball accessories you’re looking for. Don’t let your hair be a distraction when you’re on the court. With plenty of options for headbands and scrunchies, you’ll be able to perfect your backhand without your hair in the way. Keep your important stuff close at hand with our crossbody bags that are water-resistant to help your dry.