Men's Project Rock BSR 4 Training Shoes·
Price: $100.00

Men's Project Rock BSR 4 Training Shoes

Price: $100.00

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What's it do?

These shoes were built for explosive movement and dynamic training, day in and day out. You never let up, neither do these—stability for strength training, flexibility for HIIT, and cushioning for mobility.

Pjt Rck RWB Mesh Shorts
Pjt Rck RWB Mesh Shorts
Project Rock 'USA' Collection


A new Project Rock drop to level up your gear and your game.

Pjt Rck RWB Shorts
Pjt Rck RWB Shorts

“It was important for me to have a red, white, and blue collection. Our colors represent strength, perseverance, grit, and loyalty—all the values we share as a nation.”

–  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson